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About Us
What is Food Not Bombs?

Food Not Bombs believes that society and government should value human life over material wealth. Many of the problems in the world stem from this simple crisis in values. By giving away food to people in need in public places, we directly dramatize the level of hunger in this country and the surplus of food being wasted. We also call attention to the failures of this society to support those within it while funding the forces of war and violence, including the police. We are committed to the use of non-violent direct action to change society. It is by working today to create sustainable institutions that prefigure the kind of society we want to live in, and that build a vital and caring movement for progressive social change.

What is www.fnbnews.org?

www.fnbnews.org has been started to create a central news and information resource for all FNB chapters around the world. While being able to maintain each chapter’s autonomy, the website creates a FNB activist network which allows FNB chapters to gather and share information, learn about how unique each chapter is, the problems they may face, and generate a support and contact network for solidarity among chapters and individuals. It is also a resource for those interested in FNB or any issues involving homelessness and hunger, the peace and anti-nuke movement, or any other social issues.Besides just FNB related news, more general information is available about historical background of FNB, FNB related material, recipes, nutritional information, etc...

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