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Toronto, Canada">September 24, 2002

Tent City Evicted

This has been a really bad week for squatters in Canada. First the crew occupying the old Woodward building in Vancouver were brutally evicted after eight days, then last Friday another squatted building in Quebec City (occupied since last May) was cleared out by the cops.
This morning, Canada's largest and oldest squatter community, the so-called 'Tent City' located on Toronto's waterfront, was forcefully evicted in a massive sweep-and-clear operation involving dozens of city cops and private security guards. The hardware giant Home Depot (which owns that tract of land) had earlier this summer bailed out of negotiations aimed at re-settling Tent City residents and creating interim housing on another nearby piece of city-owned land. Instead, earlier today without any warning at all to residents, they decided to proceed with the eviction of more than 120 people who had been calling that place home.

...whole story here
report by Citizens on the Web
Toronto Star article
Letter to Toronto Star

Author: Morgan W. Brown May 2, 2002

The Many Hats of Homelessness

Never being much in the way of a hat wearer by nature or habit, except for when the winter weather of the north country seems to demand it, I was struck with a feeling of surprise along with a sense of mystery about the need compelling me to purchase and own the fine Australian brown leather Dakota style hat which my eyes lit upon and I found myself trying on.
It was not the first time I have had such encounters with such hats however. Yet, it was the only experience I had of actually convincing myself to part with the modest amount of money it took in order to obtain this hat. A good portion of the day was spent, with two trips made to the shop, before the decision was arrived at and until I knew for sure that I could afford to do so.
Plenty of consideration was given to ensuring that I had enough funds to get through the rest of the month on what I had left. In addition, I needed to make sure I did not end up needing to loan against future months.

[...the full story...]

Las Vegas, NVApril 4, 2002

Boycott of the City of Las Vegas

The World Homeless Union encourages all socially responsible businesses and travellers not, to visit or conduct any economic activity whatsoever, with or within Las Vegas, unless and until the City has been removed from the international association's 24/7 Global Boycott list.

It was an effort by advocates and the private businesses to prevent the health hazard that Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said caused the earlier sweep, after garbage and feces fouled downtown sidewalks and streets. Homeless people were removed from their encampment.

To read more:
Details of the boycott

Las Vegas homeless ordered to leave encampment
Vegas homeless looking for spots to sleep after weekend sweep
Homeless Saga To Climax Sunday
Goodman Says Homeless Must Leave Area
Vegas Mayor Slams Homeless In Sprech

San FranciscoMarch 10, 2002

Over 700 People Attend Homeless Summit and rally in San Francisco

The first-ever city sponsored homeless summit, a free, all-day event, designed to bring together homeless people, service providers, advocates, commercial interests, city department heads, elected officials, and concerned neighborhood groups, took place at SF Herbst Theater on Thursday March 7. Over 700 people attended a rally held on Sunday which has become an all-night vigil outside City Hall.

As hard as organizers of San Francisco's summit on homelessness tried to keep the discourse civil, a passionate crowd of advocates for homeless people booed and hissed speakers who called for bans on public urination and changes in welfare checks. ...full article

As usual, Mayor Willie Brown was noticeably absent from the long-awaited 2002 Homeless Summit on Thursday organized by Supervisor Chris Daly. ...full article 1 and ...full article 2

Last updated: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 18:55:07 -0700

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