When purchasing property in Naples, you will likely be introduced to many homes that are for sale in golf communities. There will be hundreds of them, some of which will be very affordable, and others that will cost millions of dollars. It’s not the price of the home that matters, but the location of that house, and the privileges and amenities that come with ownership. One of the top destinations for people that are moving into Naples is called Quail West, and there is a reason that many people prefer living here than in other golf communities that are comparable regarding real estate and their prices. Here is a quick overview of the different types of homes for sale in Quail West right now that you might want to consider owning. Below are Quail West Community Information.

Where Is Quail West Located?

One of the first rules of purchasing real estate is looking at the location. Quail West is in a very good spot, located right off of I 75. It is right in the middle, close to Bonita Springs, and north of the Vineyards. You will be able to drive to the Gulf of Mexico quickly, and you will also have quick access to Estero Bay. Best of all, you have great homes that are exquisitely built, and they come in at many different price ranges. For example, to get in the door, you could purchase one for under a million dollars, a comfortable three bedroom, three bath unit that will be perfect for a small family or retirees. If you want something more extravagant, they have that, with large estates that are in the $9 million range. Regarding the location of the homes, everything is close to the country club, golf courses, and trails where you can ride bikes and do your daily jogging. It is a fantastic place that has affordable housing and a couple of golf courses that are two of the best in Naples.

Golf Courses At Quail West?

Along with the excellent real estate, you have a couple of golf courses called The Lakes and The Preserve. Each of these was designed by Arthur Hills, one of the most notable golf course designers in history. You will find yourself captivated by the beautiful surroundings and the way that each one of them is integrated with the waterways, trees, and all of the other flora that you will see in all directions. These are par 72 golf courses, 18 holes each, and they will keep you preoccupied for many years to come.

Other Benefits Associated With Living At Quail West

Quail West has also known for the social membership that it has available which gives you access to clubhouse activities and excursions that will keep you busy throughout the week. You get access to tennis courts, a private beach, and an Olympic size pool. Can see services are available, and there are also trellis gardens and a hair salon. All of this comes with membership at Quail West, and if you can purchase a home here, it will be one of your best investments.

Current Homes Available At Quail West?

If you are looking for something that is extremely large, over 10,000 square feet in size, they have a six bedroom, seven bath estate with manicured gardens, fruit trees, and three swimming pools for just over $5 million. If you need something that is a little less extravagant, but also well-made, you might want to try a three bath, three bedroom home that is just over $1 million. It also comes with a den, gourmet kitchen, plus a pool and spa that will be perfect for your kids if they will be moving in with you.

Locating a realtor that is selling these properties is a simple process. This is one of the most popular places for purchasing real estate in Naples. This beautiful lush location is close to stores, schools, and water-based activities that many people enjoy. If you have not looked at properties that Quail West before, you now know the different types of homes that are available, and the price ranges that you will find. Find a realtor today, place an offer, and see what happens. If you are persistent, you will soon become a proud owner of one of the best homes at Quail West. Get more idea about the entertainment in Quail West here.