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We thank to:
The Blackcat Collective
The California Community Colocation Project
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How to Start a Food Not Bombs:

Seven Steps to Organizing a Local Food Not Bombs - FNB chapters are autonomous groups with their own agenda and mission. Starting a new group might seem like more than you can handle. One person cannot be a Food Not Bombs group, but one person can start one. This guide will help you to organize your local Food Not Bombs.
Food Not Bombs Operators' Manual - Since East Bay Food Not Bombs came together in 1991, requests for information have come in from people interested in starting a new group somewhere else, or who are interested in learning more about what other Food Not Bombs groups have tried and done. And here is informational and concise manual. East Bay Food Not Bombs Book, c/o Long Haul, 3124 Shattuck, Berkeley, CA 94705, ebfnb@ebfnb.org

FNB Recipes:

Eat The Rich Vegan Cookbook - About a year ago some people in the Minneapolis chapter of Food Not Bombs created a lovely vegan cookbook entitled "Eat The Rich". It is a 54 page cookbook in a halfsheet zine format that contains numerous recipees, vegan factual information, tips on starting your own FNB group, philosophy and history behind FNB, a contact listing of Minneapolis resources, humor and lots of half-naked people. They are $2 by mail and $1.50 (or whatever donation) in person. If interested in a copy please write to us at Food Not Bombs c/o Arise! Bookstore 2441 Lyndale Ave. S. , Minneapolis, MN 55405.
C.T. Butler's Cookbook - C.T.Butler, co-author of FNB Handbook and author of On Conflict and Consensus, is working on FNB Cookbook as well. Address: A Food Not Bombs Menu, PO Box 744, Tucson, AZ 85702-0744, 1-800-884-1136
Rochester Food Not Bombs Cookbook - Completed in February 2002, the Rochester Food Not Bombs Cookbook is available for a donation of $10. Much more than a collection of recipes, this is a little handbook for fighting hunger. There are articles and manifestoes, gorgeous art and poetry, and there is humor that isn't afraid of reality (Surplus Cheese Souffle anyone?), email: rochesterfnb@yahoo.com
Food Not Bombs Handbook - FNB Handbook has some great recipes and awesome tips how to run FNB chapter. A book about how you can help start a Food Not Bombs group in your community.

The Food Not Bombs Handbook is in English
And being currently translated into German


C.T. Butler and Keith McHenry: Food Not Bombs: How to Feed the Hungry and Build Community ; PO Box 744, Tucson, AZ 85702-0744, 1-800-884-1136
C.T. Butler: On Conflict and Consensus; Food Not Bombs Publishing; 7304 Carroll Ave #136; Takoma Park, MD 20912; 1-800-569-4054
Minneapolis FNB: Eat The Rich (FNB Cookbook); Food Not Bombs c/o Arise! Bookstore; 2441 Lyndale Ave. S. ; Minneapolis, MN 55405

AK Press offers 40% off for FNB activists. You can find the following titles in their distribution:
BARTAS, Jeanne-Marie: Vegetarian Journal's Guide To Food Ingredients
BOVE, Jose & DUFOUR, Francois: The World Is Not For Sale: Farmers Against Junk Food
CUMMINS, Ronnie & LILLISTON, Ben: Genetically Engineered Food : A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers
KNEEN, Brewster: Farmageddon: Food & the Culture of Biotechnology
LAPPE, Marc & BAILEY, Britt: Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food
MAGDOFF, Fred, FOSTER & BUTTEL eds.: Hungry for Profit: The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food & the Environment
ROBBINS, John: Diet For A New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness And The Future Of Life On Earth
ROBBINS, John: The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life And Our World
SHIVA, Vandana: Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply
LINDQVIST, Sven: A History Of Bombing
BROWN, Wilmette: No Justice, No Peace : The 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion from a Black/women's Perspective
CHOMSKY, Noam: Turning The Tide: U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Struggle for Peace
KOLKO, Gabriel: Vietnam: Anatomy Of A Peace
RODRIGUEZ, Luis: Hearts And Hands: Making Peace In A Violent Time
USHER, Graham: Dispatches From Palestine: The Rise And Fall Of The Oslo Peace Process
and much more...

Homeless Newspapers and Newsletters:

The Homeless and Housing Daily News - A nonprofit applied research site to compile published and broadcast news on the 'Life Disaster' called "Homelessness" in America.

The North American Street Newspaper DirectoryThe North American Street Newspaper Directory

North American Street Newspaper Association - The mission of NASNA is to support a street newspaper movement that creates and upholds journalistic and ethical standards while promoting self-help and empowerment among people living in poverty.

The Street Sheet was started by volunteers at the Coalition on Homelessness in December, 1989.
New For Our Shoes - The first homeless newspaper of the great state of North Carolina.
Spare Change/ Homeless Empowerment Project - Boston, MA
The Homeless Grapevine - is a project of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless
Streetwise - Chicago, IL
Real Change - publishes the views of poor and homeless people and their advocates, and work to make a paper that is read by thousands of average people in Seattle.
Street Roots - Portland's Homeless Street News Online, Oregon
Street News - New York City, NY
Street Smarts - Miami, Florida
Streetviews - published by Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless, Cheyenne, WY
Minnesota Crossroads
Wyoming Winds - Cheyenne, WY
What's Up Magazine - Combining Entertainment and Social Awareness


The Big Issue - is a news and current affairs magazine written by professional journalists and sold on the streets by homeless people in Europe ,USA, Australia, South Africa.
I'ltineraire - Montreal, Canada (in French and English)
Bezdna - "The Abyss" Russian Newspaper (in Russian and English)
Na dne - Russian Homeless Newspaper on-line, (in Russian Language)
Stemm vun der Stross asbl (Voice from the Street) - from Luxembourg (In Luxmebourgish & French & German Languages) (Requires Graphical Browser)

FNB Newsletters:

FNB Hoboken Newsletter, FNB Hoboken, P.O.Box 713, Hoboken, NJ 07030
FNB Netherlands Newsletter; FNB, P.O.Box 255, 3500 AG Utrecht, Netherlands; freefood@dds.nl



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If you would like to post your own books, flyers or cd's, please email us at fnbnews@hotmail.com.

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